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In order to adhere to the correct packaging transportation rules and regulations please use our packaging and labeling instructions, listed below.  If you have any questions regarding this please contact our Logistics Department on 1800 252 967.

Name UN Number
 Packaging Packing Instruction
 Documentation  Labels
  Biological Substances
    Category B
UN3373 UN Certified
  Packaging Required
 P650 Collection &  Delivery Note Correct Labels
  (see Label info)
 Infectious Substances,
   Affecting Humans
   Category A
UN2814 UN Certified
  Packaging Required
 P620 ADR Transport  Document

Correct Labels
  (see Label info)


Label Information

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  • UN3373 Non Infectious Samples by Road

  • UN3373 Non Infectious Samples by AIR

  • UN2814 infectious Samples by Road

  • UN2814 infectious Samples by AIR