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Confirmatory Testing

Eurofins Biomnis can provide your business with the support services of our accredited laboratory which can be used to technically confirm your test results, ensuring that the procedure can withstand legal challenge if required.

Chain of Custody Training

It is vitally important that any drug or alcohol testing carried out within the workplace is done to the highest standards so that results are not left open to challenge. We can provide you with access to chain of custody training which legally certifies you to collect samples for drug testing in the workplace.

Drug & Alcohol Awareness Training

Biomnis Ireland can provide access to drug and alcohol abuse awareness sessions. Through these sessions, employees will be trained to recognise the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol use and abuse in the work place.

Employee Workplace Health Screening

Did you know that you can leverage all the resources of our HealthWatch service to provide an unrivalled workplace health screening programme to your staff? It’s your choice if you wish to run the programme yourself, let us do all the work for you or somewhere in between.