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Non-invasive prenatal testing offers early genetic screening for chromosomal conditions using just one tube of blood, as early as 10 weeks into a patient’s pregnancy. NIPT analyses cell free foetal and maternal DNA from a maternal blood sample to screen for common chromosome conditions including trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome), and trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome).

Eurofins Biomnis is proud to offer Ninalia, the only non-invasive prenatal test in Ireland which uses the leading Illumina technology.

This test has the lowest failure rate (0.2%) of any non-invasive prenatal test on the market. This means that it virtually guarantees a result every time.

The Ninalia non-invasive prenatal test uses just one tube of maternal blood, eliminating any risk of miscarriage, or other adverse outcomes that are associated with invasive testing procedures such as amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS).

Who can have this test:

  • When an ultrasound reveals abnormalities with fetal growth and/or abnormalities
  • Risk greater than 1/1000 according to maternal serum markers
  • Mothers aged ≥ 38 years for patients that did not benefit of the maternal serum markers assay
  • History of pregnancy with foetal aneuploidies
  • Relative is carrier of a Robertsonian translocation involving chromosome 13 or 21
  • Pregnancy with twins
  • 1st line screening

How it works:

We make the process seamless for healthcare professionals and patients.

  1. Patient decides to take the test.
  2. Patient or physician orders the test kit online.
  3. The NIPT kit is shipped to the address provided by patient or physician.
  4. Patient proceeds to blood draw, the request form and informed consent form are completed by patient and physician.
  5. Blood sample and test request form are sent back to lab on the same day as blood draw.
  6. Lab processes and analyses the sample.
  7. Test results are sent to the requesting physician within 8 working days.
Download the Ninalia Brochure for physicians here
Download the Ninalia Brochure for patients here


Test information:

  • Sample type:1 x 10 ml tube of whole blood
  • Temperature: Room temperature
  • Method: NGS
  • TAT: 8 working days

To see a sample of a negative results report for Ninalia click here.

To see a sample of a positive results report for Ninalia click here.


Before ordering and paying for the test and kit, please ensure that your physician is able to support you in the NIPT process.

Sample must be delivered to Eurofins Biomnis Ireland on the same day that the blood has been drawn*. You can bring the specimen to our laboratory yourself, or please call our Logistics Team on freephone: 1800 252 967 to arrange collection point, free of charge. Samples can be collected nationwide.

*To ensure sample viability for lab processing, we accept NIPT samples only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Please follow the sampling protocol provided with our NIPT kit (K17P-INTGB).

All NIPT requests must be accompanied by our patient consent and information form (D17-INTGB / Test request form B17-INTGB) which you will receive together with the test kit.  

To order your test kit, please click here

To find out more about the Illumina technology and the Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) method, please click here.